Best D Series Performance Rebuild Kits-Things to Consider Before Buying

d16 high performance honda civic engine

If it’s a rebuild kit for a Honda you’re looking for, unfortunately, we all know why. SMOKE. Hondas are an amazing machine but unfortunately, most of them bear the same burden, smoke.

Speedfactory is the best performance rebuild kit for D16y7 Honda engine. Their custom long rods boost compression combined with Vitara pistons which eliminates the need to Notch the block. This rebuild kit is proven capable of 500BHP.

Best D16y7 Performance Rebuild Kits

SpeedFactory No-Notch H-Beam Long Rod and Vitara Piston Combo D16y7

Photo by: SpeedFactory

SpeedFactory hit the nail on the head with this performance engine rebuild kit. If you are planning on going turbo this is the kit you are looking for. Using Speedfactory’s custom long rods you eliminate the low compression issue you have with a D series engine.

Photo by: SpeedFactory

The addition of Vitara Pistons means there is no need for block or girdle notching due to the pistons landing at the perfect deck height for optimal compression and spool time.

This D16y7 rebuild kit is proven to be capable of 500BHP which I for one would be pretty happy about and if that kind of power is something that would interest you you should take a look at this article if you want to make big power on a budget.

  • Capable of 500BHP
  • No notching the block
  • Lightweight, Strong
  • Huge rise in compression(7.8:1 standard rod (8.8:1 with our long rod)
  • Does not come with seal kit, bearing kit or oil pump.

This rebuild kit would only be necessary for turbo setups but if going turbo is on the cards you need to check out this article covering 8 of the best RELIABLE turbo kits for a Honda.

Record Crankshaft

Photo by: Record Crankshaft

This kit is for a stock rebuild and includes everything you need for a complete overhaul. All that is missing from this kit is a timing belt, oil and water pump.

It is a little bit on the expensive side but this is because there is a crankshaft included along with all gaskets, oil seals and bearings. The crankshaft has been reconditioned and hot washed, shot blasted and inspected for any wear or scoring.

This would be a good kit for someone with scoring or wear on their crankshaft however this would not be common unless a broken connecting rod damaged the crank.

  • Comes complete with crankshaft.
  • This kit is pretty expensive especially if a crankshaft is not needed.
  • No oil pump or water pump included.
  • No timing belt.

Evergreen Performance Components

Photo by: Amazon

This OEM rebuild kit is the best of both worlds. It comes with absolutely everything you need for a full rebuild, including a timing belt, T/B tensioner, water pump, and oil pump.

photo by: Amazon

Evergreen Performance pistons are made from premium grade aluminum with gas nitrited steel piston rings which say 50% longer life span. This D16y7 performance rebuild kit is designed for both stock and mild tuning. This means it is capable of handling most bolt-on mods you can throw at it except a turbo.

This is an ideal rebuild kit for your daily cruiser. The kit comes well packaged and all the parts are brand name apart from the oil pump. NPR Pistons, GMB water pump/tensioners, and a Mitsuboshi timing belt which are all good quality well known brands.

In my opinion, this is the best all-rounder, and at a good price.

Westcoast Hard Parts

Photo by: Ebay

This is a complete OEM stock rebuild kit. Nothing fancy but it would still be a solid rebuild. I don’t always condone eBay parts but this an exception. The kit includes everything you need including pumps, belts, tensioner, seals, and bearings. And when I say stock rebuild I don’t mean you can’t do mild tuning of your own, it would be more than capable.

DNJ Engine Kits

Photo by: Engine Parts Only

DNJ Engine Kits come complete with Pistons & Rings, Bearings, and a full sealing set with upper and lower gaskets. This kit is made of cheapish Chinese parts but they are pretty good quality and will work just fine if you’re not planning on racing every day.

All the parts are backed with a 12 month / 12k warranty and DNJ has a good customer service rating which is always good to know just in case the worst was to happen.


Photo by: Amazon

This rebuild kit has everything you need to freshen up your worn out engine. Engine tech is a company from Texas and is known for high-quality parts. This is because most of their parts are actually manufactured by Sealed Power and FelPro. These are not cheap Chinese parts and are excellent value for money.

This rebuild kit will include Full Gasket Set w/ MLS Head Gaskets, Dish-Top Pistons, Premium Piston Rings, Main Bearings, Rod Bearings, Timing Belt, Timing Belt Tensioner, Oil Pump, Thrust Washer, Valve Stem Seals.

Are Honda Rebuild Kits Interchangeable?

Yes all Honda D Series rebuild kits are interchangeable in any D Series engine eg D16y5 D16y7 D16y8 D16z6. . This also goes for all B Series, K Series, and H Series Honda engines.

How Do I know If My Engine Needs to Be Rebuilt?

  • Knocking/Banging noise coming from the engine due to worn internal bearings.
  • Blue or White smoke coming from the exhaust due to worn piston rings.
  • Severe loss of power due to low compression caused by worn piston rings or head gasket.
  • Metal flakes in the oil when servicing.
Photo thanks to a reliable VW

How Much Does it Cost to Rebuild a D16y7 Engine?

A stock rebuild for a D series engine would typically cost anywhere from $1400 to $1800. The labor cost would be $1200 on average plus $200 minimum for a stock engine rebuild kit.

If you are planning on going turbo you can expect to pay $450 to $800 for a high spec performance rebuild kit alone without labor.

Then you also need to include labor costs if you are not planning on building it yourself. Labor would cost from $800 to $1200 depending on the mechanic. If the engine overheated you would need to get the head pressure tested and possibly machined along with the crank and block if the engine is really bad.

You can check out this article on choosing the best head gasket for a D series Honda. On average a new head gasket will cost approximately $400 depending on the labor prices at the shop.

What is Your Plans For The Engine?

When looking for a rebuild kit you have to ask yourself. What will I be using the car for in the future? Do you plan on using it twice a week for groceries or do you plan on building a 400BHP drag machine? If a 400BHP Honda sounds good you should check out this article covering in depth how to build a 400HP Honda Civic on a Budget.

A lot of people waste money on parts that they honestly do not need or would never get the full benefit from. This is purely because they were not informed when deciding on what to buy.

Unless you are aiming for a turbo drag machine then there is no need for anything more than a good quality OEM stock rebuild kit. This would be more than capable of handling anything you throw at it.


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