Best Head Gasket Kits For Honda Civic D16z6-What to Watch Out For

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This article covers the Top 5 best head gasket kits for Honda D16z6 engines for both stock and tuning purposes, plus a few things to look out for before buying.

Evergreen is the best head gasket kit for a honda civic D16z6. This is because the kit comes complete with everything you need for a complete overhaul of your head. All the parts included are OEM and built to a high quality.

Cometic StreetPro Top End Kit 76MM Bore, .030″ MLS Cylinder Head Gasket

Photo by: Cometic

Cometic is based in Idaho and 100% American-made performance head gaskets. This StreetPro kit is everything you would need for a complete overhaul.

Cometic gaskets are made from a reinforced composite material consisting of steel, cork, and rubber and are made to order. This is something to keep in mind because there is a 4 to 5-week wait once you place your order.

I have never personally used a Cometic gasket and I know some people are hesitant because they only trust OEM but I have only ever heard good things about them from people I know who have used them.

The only downside to this kit is it doesn’t include a timing belt, water pump, or head studs. ARP head studs would be perfectly suited to this head gasket kit.

The only small few cases of people having issues were due to poor surface prep of the head and block before reinstalling the gasket. Regardless of which gasket you use, good surface prep is key plus using Copper Spray would ensure a good seal.

Price: $169.68

Evergreen Performance Components

Photo by: Amazon

Evergreen Performance Components head gasket kits are high quality Japanese parts. The kit comes with everything you need to completely rebuild your head. I have used an Evergreen Performance engine rebuild kit in a D16z6 Civic with no issues.

The only problem that comes with these gasket kits is that the valve cover seal hardens and eventually leaks. This is not a big deal and a simple fix plus if you use a gasket sealer when installing the new gasket you won’t have this problem.

Other than that they are a good kit. All the parts come marked GMB which is OEM so for the price its really is good quality. In my opinion, if you want a good all-rounder this would be a good kit to go for.

Price: $147

Tegiwa-Genuine Honda Head Gasket

Photo by: Ebisu

Here Tegiwa have a Genuine Honda OEM head gasket and nothing beats Genuine. The downside to this is that you only get a head gasket, nothing else. This means you would still need to buy basically a full head gasket kit along with this gasket to get everything else you need.

This would be a good option if you bought a cheapish gasket kit but wanted to be 100% sure of the head gasket sealing so you would use this Genuine Honda head gasket with a cheaper kit.

A full head gasket kit from Honda would be quite expensive and not really necessary but being 100% sure you have a good head gasket is critical. I would always use a genuine head gasket unless I was planning on going turbo.

Price: $77.83


Photo by: Ebay

This is an MLS gasket which means multi-layered steel. Unlike the Cometic gasket which is made from a composite material, this gasket is made from 5 layers of stainless steel. MLS gaskets are more commonly used in modern cars today, old school composite gaskets are slowly becoming a thing of the past, although they still have their place.

There has been a lot of people asking are MLS gaskets any good? The answer is yes, BUT if your car did not originally come with an MLS gasket you should not use one, unless you get the head and block checked to ensure the surface is machine smooth enough to seal an MLS gasket. This head gasket kit is very reasonably priced at $59 on eBay.

Price: $59.00

MPlus Autoparts

Photo by: Amazon

The Mplus gasket kit is surprisingly cheap for the complete set of gaskets you get with the kit. All you are missing is a timing belt and head studs.

Some people say you don’t always need new head studs but if you plan on giving the car any abuse at all I would highly recommend new ones when replacing the head gasket.

This is an MLS head gasket, so special care must be taken to ensure the correct surface prep before replacing the gasket. These are OE-marked parts with a 2 years or 40k miles warranty.

Price: $54.

MLS vs Composite Head Gasket Which is Better and Why?

If you plan on only mildly tuning the engine or leaving it stock a good quality composite gasket is perfect. The reason for this is because composite gaskets are more user-friendly and allow more tolerance when it comes to the surface smoothness of the head and block.

Do not confused surface smoothness with cleanliness. Cleanliness and correct surface prep is still an absolute must.

If you plan on going turbo I would recommend a good quality MLS gasket installed by a professional. The reason you should call a Pro and not a bro is that these gaskets are regularly installed without sufficient surface prep of the head and block being done and then the gasket get over-torqued causing problems.

MLS gaskets are designed to seal with less torquing force on the head bolts being needed to achieve the correct seal. This means less distortion and stress being induced on head studs, head, block, and gaskets. Surface preparation is absolutely crucial when using an MLS gasket.

Photo by: Charity Box

What is Composite and MLS gaskets made From?

Composite gaskets are made from a mix of materials such as cork, rubber and graphite sheet, with 4 steel rings around the combustion chambers which is then compressed into the needed shape of the gasket.

MLS gaskets however are completely made from steel. Usually 3 to 5 sheets of embossed high carbon steel sheets and coated in a specialized sealing agent making it a far more durable gasket and perfect for boosted applications when installed correctly.

Do you use Gasket Sealer on a Head Gasket?

There is only one answer for this, No. You should never use sealer when installing a new head gasket. Head gaskets are manufactured with sealer built into them to stick and bind them together once heated on the engine.

If you use sealer when you’re fitting the new gasket it will interfere with the gasket’s own sealing area and possibly cause a leak.

Photo by: Homemade Turbo

Can you reuse a Head Gasket?

Yes, under very certain circumstances. In general No you would not reuse a head gasket. Head gaskets are sealed using sealer and compression.

Once the impression of the head and block is made on a composite gasket it will not spring back once you remove the head. Therefore it will not compress as much when you reuse it, possibly causing leaks.

Steel gaskets on the other hand do not leave an impression on the gasket when torqued. BUT there is a specialized sealing agent used in the construction of some steel gaskets. Once this sealer is heated the gasket should not be removed again.

People say you can reuse steel gaskets by using Copper Spray but for the sake of a $60 gasket, it’s not worth my time to take a chance on it.


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