Best Inflatable Car Cover- Outdoor Covers to Protect Your Paint

Inflatable car covers are a must-have for anyone wanting to prolong the life of their car’s precious bodywork. Luckily the day of having to use old tarp-like covers that end up doing more harm than good is gone.

CarCoon is the best inflatable car cover on the market in 2021. It gives 100% UV and Infa Red protection in the sun, the base mat is laminated and double insulated with Heavy Duty PVC, and the top cover is double skinned, alloy coated material with an insulating air gap to ensure 100% protection insulation.

CarCapsule Inflatable Outdoor Car Cover

Photo by: Amazon

CarCapsules 20 foot inflatable car bubble is made from heavy-duty PVC and 100% metal-free. Even the zip is made from Nylon to prevent any damage to the car when you’re pulling the cover over the car.

I own one of these bubbles myself and unfortunately, this cover doesn’t come without its flaws. I have noticed slight condensation building up inside the cover from time to time.

It’s nothing major and will usually evaporate itself, plus it doesn’t happen often, but this would definitely be something to keep an eye on if you do decide on investing in one. If I remember correctly I paid $890 for mine, you can check the current price on Amazon.

Other than that, this is a really good cover. Car Capsule have actually tested these covers to see how much protection they give against physical damage by throwing an alloy wheel at one, the wheel just bounced off the bubble.

CarCapsule says it takes 15 minutes to set up, but the first time it took me nearly 40 minutes. Once you get set up you will get it together every other time in 10 minutes. Here’s a video explaining the complete procedure.

CarCoon Double Skin

Photo by: Carcoon

CarCoon have won my heart for the best car storage bubble in 2021. It took CarCoon four years to developed and test this car cover.

The material the cover is made from is alloy coated and double skinned with an air gap between the inside and outside skins to allow air to flow freely around the entire cover to stop any condensation or damp.

The base mat is also insulated with three layers of laminates wrapped in two layers of heavy duty PVC, to keep the interior at a constant temperature and humidity in the heat or extreme cold. This also gives an extra layer of protection against accidental knocks and bangs.

Photo by: Carcoon

Six years ago I made the mistake of buying a cheap model from AliExpress (not the one mentioned above) because there was no room in my garage for a car I had.

Within three months the inside of the cover was going moldy and getting gathering water on the floor under the car. This is the worse possible scenario when it comes to rust when moisture is trapped in the bubble with the car.

Photo by: CarCoon

The CarCoon Company is based in the UK so you can be sure this has been tested in the worse types of weather conditions imaginable. But not to worry, they ship worldwide and supply US and European power supply units. CarCoon also builds custom covers if you want one to fit a particular size vehicle.

Here is a table of all prices and sizes so there’s no need for you to second guess yourself on whether you ordered the right size or not.

Size 2 Carcoon320cm x 150cm x 169cm$630
Size 3 Carcoon (regular)425cm x 160cm x 169cm$761
Size 3 Carcoon (large)425cm x 200cm x 169cm$824
Size 4 Carcoon470cm x 200cm x 169cm$837
Size 5 Carcoon505cm x 200cm x 169cm$936
Size 6 Carcoon560cm x 200cm x 169cm$989
Size 7 Carcoon610cm x 200cm x 169cm$1112

Hail Protector

Photo by: Hail Protector

Well the name speaks for its self, Hail Protector does exactly what it says on the tin, or in this case cover, it protects against hail and everything else mother nature can throw at it. This is a really good cover, but like most, it isnt perfect.

The downside to the Hail Protector is there is no base mat like the covers above, so the car is not completely insulated from the elements. This car cover would really only be suited to people who only want to cover the car down short term. Unlike the car covers named above which are suitable for year-round storage and protection.

Plus if you own a truck or SUV it is really hard to install and kinda stops short of covering the sils of the vehicle.

One of the benefits of this car cover is that it comes with an app with GPS that sends you weather reports letting you know if a hail storm is coming. Although I wouldn’t advise depending on the weather alerts to cover the car down if you think there is a storm coming.

Photo by: Hail Network

One important thing to remember with this car cover is that you must be sure to order the correct size for your car and not a size bigger thinking it will give the car more protection or that you might use it for a bigger car someday.

If you get a cover that is a size bigger than your car, it will not fit correctly and you could have issues trying to inflate the cover. Plus you don’t want it to catch a gust of wind and take flight. Below is a table of sizes and prices.

Hail Protector Sizes

SizesHeight x Lenght
Car 166 inches x 175 inches$389
Car 265 inches x 195 inches$399
Car 3 65 inches x 210 inches$419
SUV73 inches X 218 inches$509

In The Garage Outdoor Car Cover

Photo by: eBay

This cover is made by In The Garage and has nothing but good reviews. I have never seen one in person, but I could find nothing negative about this cover after a lot of digging.

A few things to keep in mind before you chose a size, you need to measure your car. You’re going to need to leave at least 20cm of a minimum clearance around the front and sides of the car to allow for airflow, plus you need 1-foot of space at the rear for the fan.

Photo by: eBay

The car cover is made from heavy-duty PVC. The beauty of these covers is it gives a little extra security because nobody can see what’s inside, plus it keeps out rodents. This inflatable car cover is currently on eBay for $779 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

How Do Car Bubbles Work?

Car Bubbles work by enclosing the car in a PVC cover which gets filled with air by using a fan or fans. The bubble is fitted with Activated Carbon filters which take any moisture from the atmosphere and keep fresh air circulating through out the car to ensure the correct humidity and temperature.

How Often Do you Need to Change the Filters?

The Carbon filter that comes with car bubbles are machine washable. Although the filters should be replaced once you have clocked up one year run time to be sure you are getting the most from your filters and your fully protected.

Do Car Covers Damage Your Car?

Yes older generic type car covers will damage the paint on your car especially if is left outdoors. Fleece lined car covers give a little bit of extra protection, but no matter what it is that is rubbing off the car for a long period of time will mark or scruff your paint.

Car Cover Disadvantages

  • Traps Moisture
  • Scratch’s/Scuffs Paintwork
  • Very little UV or Infra red protection
  • Possibly flies away in bad weather

This is why I would strongly recommend making the invest in a car bubble, it pays for its self in the long term by not paying for a fresh paint job down the road. But there not cheap so be sure of what you want and best of luck.


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