Is The RSX an Integra?? [More importantly which is faster?]

Working as a mechanic I get a lot of unusual questions from people wondering about car stuff but the question I am asked the most is “is the Acura RSX an Integra?” this question always surprises me because it is usually from people who own Hondas, so I thought id put together this article to clear up this question once and for all.

The Acura RSX and Honda Integra are both the same car, both cars were manufactured by Honda Motor Company Ltd between April 2001 until August 2006, there is however minor changes which were made to the RSX including changes to the engine, interior trim and emblems.

honda integra dc5 jdm
JDM Honda Integra DC5

Is Acura and Honda the Same Brand

Honda Motor Company Ltd is the parent company of Acura. Acura was launched in North America in 1986 as the first Japanese luxury car brand in America.

The reason why Honda launched the Acura brand is that in the 1980s the Japanese government imposed trade restrictions on the export of cars and steel between Japan and the United States.

honda logo

According to a study done by Towson University of International Affairs, the number of Japanese cars on American soil in 1980 was a staggering 23%, this meant trade restrictions on automobiles came as a massive financial blow to Honda, which then sparked the idea to create a luxury car brand which would be produced all across North America and given the name Acura.

The word Acura in Japanese means “mechanically precise” or “done with precision” which I think is a good fit considering Honda Motor Company’s reputation for quality and reliability.

Is The RSX an Integra

The Acura RSX and Honda Integra are technically both the same car with both being produced by Honda Motor Company Ltd the main difference being the Integra was produced for the Japanese market as a right-hand drive and the RSX was produced in North America as a left hand drive. Although aesthetically both cars look the same, apart from the emblem, there are still some subtle differences in design and performance.

In April 2001 the Honda Integra DC5 Type R was launched in Japan producing an impressive 220BHP from a 2 liter, four-cylinder, 16 valve, DOHC VTEC K20A engine.

Later that year Acura released their version calling it the Acura RSX Type S, which also had a K20 engine but this time it was the K20A2 which only produced 200 BHP.

black honda integra dc5

The difference between the K20A and k20A2 engine is that the K20A2 has slightly lower compression than the K20A, this is to compensate for the fact that fuel in Japan is 100% octane whereas North America and Europe only use a maximum of 93% octane.

The K20A also has slightly more aggressive cams an aluminum subframe and a slightly wider intake manifold giving the engine more air which in turn produces more horsepower.

In 2004 the facelift model of both the Integra and RSX was released with subtle changes being made to the exterior such as new headlights and front bumper along with the RSX receiving a new engine, the K20Z1. The K20Z1 engine was capable of producing 210 BHP, 10 horsepower more than its predecessor the K20A2.

Apart from the engine and subframe the only other differences between the RSX and Integra are different emblems and the interior trim is slightly different with the JDM Integra having red stitching on a Momo steering wheel and gearstick gator, the Integra also comes with Recaro seats in the front whereas the RSX interior is a lot less creative and doesn’t come with Recaro front seats which is a major drawback.

recaro seats

The RSX comes with unbranded “Recaro Style” front seats but don’t let this fool you, there is no replacement for an actual Recaro seat plus the RSX seats weigh far more than genuine Recaro seats.

Unfortunately in August 2006, production of both the Acura RSX and Honda Integra ceased and the Integra line was to be discontinued until Honda announced that they would be releasing the new model Integra in 2023 so time will tell if it can live up to its predecessors.

Are Honda and Acura Parts Interchangeable

Genuine Honda and Acura parts are both manufactured to the exact same specifications and standards and all parts are interchangeable except for the pedals box, steering rack and steering column. This is due to the Acura being left-hand drive and the Honda being right-hand drive.

All other parts are the same and will give you a 100% factory fit with full functionality. Hondas and Acura have a reputation for reliability, Iv owned Hondas for the past 20 years and never had a problem that wasn’t easily fixed for a very reasonable price.

Are Acura OEM Parts Legit

Parts that are marked with the OEM stamp must be genuine and legitimate to receive the OEM stamp.

OEM stands for, Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means that is the company that manufactures the original parts for that specific brand car, this means you can buy aftermarket OEM parts for half the price of main dealer parts and get the exact same product only in different packaging.


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